Reasons to Ditch Dentures – They Are Uncomfortable!

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Do you have memories of your grandparents having their teeth out? During the day they had a smile but at night their lips were kind of puckered and their voices didn’t sound the same? That’s because wearing dentures all day is uncomfortable!

Dentures are more of a temporary fix than a permanent solution for tooth loss. They are held in place by messy adhesives that can cause them to slip or move while you are eating or speaking. When they slip, it can cause them to rub on your gums and cheeks and cause painful irritation.


Another area where dentures can interfere with your comfort is at mealtimes. Certain foods can be painful to eat and can even damage your dentures. They include:

  • Hard vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Breads with seeds
  • Popcorn
  • Taffy
  • Sticky foods
  • Hard candies
  • Hot liquids
  • Coffee
  • Red wine


Fortunately, there is a solution that looks and feels great. All-on-4 full mouth dental implants are a permanent way to restore the appearance and functionality of your smile and offer a pain-free way to enjoy your favorite foods. As an added bonus, you won’t experience the bone loss experienced by denture wearers because they work just like your real teeth and help to preserve your alveolar bone every time you chew.

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