Reasons To Treat Your Gum Recession

las vegas gum recession

Gum recession can be a gradual process that may not notice right away, but this can be a serious problem. One day you’ll look at your smile and notice your teeth look longer, and maybe be a bit more yellow on the top.  Gum recession can lead to tooth sensitivity and increase the risk of bacteria in your mouth. Because of the risks associated with gum recession, your dentist will refer you to Dr. DeAndrade for treatment as soon as possible. In some cases, intervention through the pinhole surgical technique will be necessary.

Uncomfortable Symptoms

If your gums have receded and you do nothing to treat it, you will have to continue to deal with the unpleasant symptoms associated with gum recession. This includes pain or sensitivity in your teeth or gums when you eat certain foods, particularly sweet, sour, hot, and cold ones. You may also have bad breath and bleeding gums if you don’t treat your gum recession. There may also be aesthetic symptoms like teeth that appear yellow, look longer, or seem to have larger spaces between them.

Increased Risks

Even if you can tolerate the discomfort, pain, bleeding, and bad breath associated with gum recession, putting off treatment will also increase your risk of other issues. That is because the dental roots are exposed, leaving an opening for bacteria to enter. The greater area of your teeth that is exposed, the higher your risk is for further gum disease & cavities.

The Treatment

The Pinhole Technique is one way to treat your recession.  The pinhole surgical technique has a fast recovery time of one to two days for most people and will be mildly uncomfortable at worst. In the past, people have put off treating their gum recession due to concerns about recovery or pain from gum grafting, but this is no longer necessary. The pinhole surgical technique has been in use for a decade and is almost free of concerns, meaning you have no excuse to put off treatment for your gum recession. Within a few days after the procedure, you will be back to your normal life without gum or tooth sensitivity and other symptoms of gum disease. Not to mention you will have a beautiful, healthy smile!  Please schedule a consultation with Dr. DeAndrade to see if the Pinhole technique is right for you!

To learn more about the different treatment options for gum recession – download our infographic for FREE!

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