The Pinhole Technique For Receding Gums

Numerous factors contribute to a condition known as gingival recession or receding gums. In some instances your genes are to blame, as thin or insufficient gum tissue can be hereditary. However in most cases, receding gums are caused by our own actions such as tobacco use, overly aggressive brushing and flossing and also periodontal disease. Whatever the cause of gum recession, it is unpleasant. Besides making you look older, the roots of your teeth become exposed causing your teeth to appear two-toned. Also, the exposed roots become sensitive to cold and sweets.

pinhole technique
Advanced Treatment From The Doctors At Anthem to treat gum recession

Treating Receding Gums The Old Way

Traditional treatments for receding gums include gingival grafts in which the periodontist uses some of the tissue from the roof of your mouth and transplants it to the affected areas. He or she may also use donor tissue to accomplish the same task. However, a new procedure called the Pinhole technique is doing away with the need for traditional surgical procedure.

A More Advanced Technique For Treating Receding Gums

The old surgical technique was not an attractive option to many suffering from receding gum lines. Gum grafts took upwards of 45 minutes per tooth and then required sutures following the procedure. The pinhole technique, on the other hand is much faster. This technique involves the periodontist using a tool that makes an entry point through the gums. Using the same tool, he or she loosens the gums allowing it to be repositioned to its natural place. Using the same entry point, the periodontist then inserts collagen strips that hold the re-positioned gums in place allowing it to heal correctly. The entire procedure takes just minutes per tooth.

With the pinhole technique there is far less pain, swelling and bleeding as there is with traditional surgery. There are no incisions and no sutures. Patients also have the benefit of seeing almost instantly how much their smiles have improved.

The pinhole technique is revolutionizing just how receding gum lines are being treated. Patients who shy away from traditional surgery are attracted to its noninvasiveness and short recovery times. However, as this procedure is relatively new, only select places are able to offer it. For example, Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants in Summerlin, Nevada does offer the procedure. You too can experience how much this procedure can improve your smile. Make sure to set up an appointment with your periodontist today.