Are There Risks Associated With The Pinhole Surgical Technique?

Compared to other surgical techniques for treating gum recession, the pinhole technique has very minimal risks. In the past, those with advanced gum recession were forced to undergo soft tissue grafting or deal with their condition worsening and putting their oral hygiene at risk. This traditional treatment came with a range of risks, including those associated with making incisions and going under anesthesia. The pinhole surgical technique is able to dramatically minimize these risks due to its lack of evasiveness.

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Complications From Traditional Gum Grafting

Before getting into the minimal risks that are a part of the pinhole surgical technique, you should understand the risks of traditional soft tissue gum grafting. This way, you have a basis for comparison and can better understand how small the risks of the pinhole technique are. Patients who undergo gum grafting will have stitches and incisions along with some pain. There may be discomfort for a few days or more and some complications can arise if you eat certain foods or brush or floss close to the treatment area. These actions could slow down the healing process while increasing the risk of infection. Despite the risks of traditional gum grafting, it is still widely suggested and used to be the only effective method of treating gum recession.

Minimal Complications From The Pinhole Surgical Technique

There are no incisions or sutures in the pinhole surgical technique, which eliminates any risks associated with those, such as accidentally cutting in the wrong area and the risk of infection. Furthermore, the pinhole technique doesn’t require anesthesia, meaning you don’t have to worry about complications from that as well.

There will still be a very small risk of tenderness, swelling, or infection, but most patients who undergo the pinhole surgical technique don’t notice these things. The reduced risk with the pinhole technique is because of the shortened recovery time which limits the time frame in which patients are at risk of an infection. Simply put, there are still minor risks with the pinhole surgical technique, but negative side effects are very rare, especially when compared to those of traditional gum grafting. You can further minimize the risks by opting for a periodontist with experience performing this procedure, such as Dr. DeAndrade.

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