UNLV School of Dental Medicine Lecture On Periodontics And Dental Implants

Class full of students at the UNLV Dental School During a presentation on periodontics by Ed De Andrade, DDS.
Dr De Andrade Giving A Presentation On Periodontics To The Students at UNLV Dental School.
Dr De Andrade lectured to the University of Nevada Las Vegas(UNLV) School of Dental Medicine September 26th about periodontics. Dr. De Andrade has been volunteering at the UNLV School of Dental Medicine for many years. He enjoys taking the time to educate the students on both periodontics and dental implants as a way to give back to the dental community and positively influence future dentists. He received much positive feedback about his lecture and was able to counsel students through some of their questions they presented to him about periodontics and the advancements in the technologies in the dental implant industry that has kept the doctor a top implantologist in Las Vegas. Dr. De Andrade was even able to evaluate a current dental implant patient of one of the general dentists at the university to help them determine the solutions they needed to successfully treat the patient.

A Picture of Dr De Andrade and Michael Webberson after a presentation on periodontics at the UNLV Dental School
Dr. De Andrade and Michael Webberson