Signs And Symptoms Of Gum Recession

Among the problems periodontists deal with, gum recession is one of the most common. Gum recession is exactly what it sounds like; it is when your gums begin to recede. This means that the portion of gum tissue surrounding your teeth pulls back, leaving a larger area of the teeth and roots exposed. Gum recession leads to pockets between the gum line and teeth which are ideal breeding grounds for disease, putting you at risk of damage to your teeth’s bone structure. A trained periodontist is able to recognize gum recession instantly, but it still helps to be aware of what we are looking for.

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Most Common Gum Recession Symptoms

In the case of severe gum recession, even an untrained eye may notice the problem just by looking. If you see that your gums appear to be covering less of your teeth than you are used to or the teeth roots are exposed, this is a good indication of gum recession. If you are lucky, your gum recession won’t get bad enough to completely expose the roots of your teeth before you or your dentist notices the problem.

In addition to the exposure of roots, you may notice that your teeth are more sensitive if the gums are recessed. The roots also tend to appear yellow with the teeth seeming stained and the teeth appearing long. You should also look out for spaces between the teeth. Some related symptoms to gum recession, such as food packing and susceptibility to decay, are actually caused by the recession itself.

Differences From Gum Disease

It is easy for people to get confused by the difference between gum disease and gum recession. Both are serious problems that must be treated as soon as possible to keep your mouth healthy. Despite this, it is important to realize that some of the symptoms of gum recession, such as the yellow appearance, increased sensitivity, and greater risk of cavities, will not be signs of gum disease.

Receiving A Diagnosis

If you notice any of the signs and symptoms of gum disease mentioned above, you should let us know so they can recommend a course of action. In some cases when gum recession is caught early, you won’t need extensive treatment. Otherwise, you will need to change your habits that caused the recession and receive treatment.

By making regular appointments with Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants, you can catch gum recession early and keep it at bay. Dr. DeAndrade can provide the necessary treatment for any stage of gum recession.  We also have an awesome infograph that shows the different gum recession treatments available – check it out!

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