Smiling, A Great Way To Know You Enjoyed Your Dentist!

This is a picture taken from  it shows the last two most recent reviews of Dr De Andrade's Practice Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants. Both Reviews Are Five Stars and the reviews are glowing
A Quick Picture Taken From Recent Smile Reminder Reviews. This Is A Great Tool That We Send To Every Patient So We Can Gauge Every Ones Feelings On Their Visit To Our Office.

“As always you make teeth cleaning a pain that is enjoyable”

This is a recent post from one of our loyal patients after responding to our patient survey. It made me laugh out loud and reflect for a moment on how I have developed a practice made up of patients that have been able to really share their honest opinions. In my search for creating the most incredible patient experience possible, I have signed up for a service that allows us to email, or text our patients to get honest feed back from their experiences at our office. It is called smile reminder, it provides a way for every patient to receive an email before and after their appointment and provides them an uncensored sounding board to share their thoughts and feelings about their experience. It was certainly a work in progress, at first we were sending patients reminders of their upcoming appointments once a week for three weeks prior and then two hours before on the day of their appointment. After an overwhelming response from our patients saying “enough already” we changed the protocol to remind them of their appointment one week before and two hours before as a courtesy.

Pride In Staff

I am particularly proud of how my patients rave about our staff, they comment on their caring and compassionate nature. It really takes a special person to provide the service we provide. We are constantly faced with fearful and apprehensive patients and it puts a smile on my face when these patients take the time to share how they have overcome their fears because of the help of one of our staff members. I love to be the person that makes a trip to the dentist, fun!!!!

This commentary is from Dr. De Andrade, owner and lead periodontist of Anthem Periodontist and Dental Implants. His practice has been a pillar in both the Las Vegas, NV and Henderson, NV communities for over ten years now. He leads the way in ground breaking periodontal care, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. He also prides himself in giving back to the community with his many consistent charitable contributions.