So I’m Missing Teeth… What’s The Big Deal?

Whether you’ve lost teeth due to disease or trauma, you may be debating if it’s worth the trouble to replace them–especially if they are in an area that isn’t that visible when you open you mouth. You’ve gotten used to using other parts of your mouth to chew and quite frankly, you would much rather spend that money on other things. Here’s why you might want to rethink that choice.

las vegas full mouth implant
Dental implants have multiple advantages.
  • You’ll Lose Bone: Your teeth are secured in your mouth by alveolar bone in your jaw. This special bone tissue stays strong by having pressure exerted on it. When a tooth is no longer there, that area of bone begins to dissolve. Eventually this will cause a visible deformity in your face as the shape of your jawbone changes.
  • Your Alignment Will Change: Straight teeth are not just a cosmetic issue. When a tooth is no longer holding a place in your jaw, the surrounding teeth begin to move and they are no longer in alignment with each other. This can result in an increased risk of periodontal disease as well as difficulty chewing and jaw and face pain.
  • You’ll Lose Confidence: When you aren’t able to smile without worrying about your missing teeth showing, you aren’t as confident. This can impact both your personal and your professional life.


If you have dentures, in addition to all of the issues mentioned above, you also deal with the daily hassle of dentures.  They don’t work well, and they are uncomfortable.  Fortunately the solution is full mouth implants.  Full mouth implants do have more of an upfront cost, but over the lifetime of the implants, your renewed quality of life, and your ability to eat whatever you want, far outweigh the money spent!

So you see, there are consequences to missing teeth that are far greater than how your smile looks. Now that you know the dangers, what can be done? We recommend dental implants. Dental implants look and act like real teeth and are a permanent solution to tooth and the consequent bone loss. Unlike bridges or dentures, the allow force to be applied to your alveolar bone while chewing and don’t require any damage to the adjacent teeth.

If you would like to more about your dental implant options, Drs. DeAndrade & Allen and his staff would love to tell you more. The sooner you call to make an appointment, the sooner you’ll have that beautiful new smile.