Stem Cell Therapy and Periodontal Disease

In last decade, treatments for diseases through the use of stem cells has brought a hope of healing to patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, liver fibrosis, Parkinson’s disease, type 1 diabetes and even periodontal disease. The field of regenerative medicine is discovering how to use stem cells to stimulate the body to generate new tissue to replace areas affected and damaged by disease.

Stem cell research and pero disease
Periodontitis & Stem Cell Research

Stem cell therapy has not been without its share of controversy. Originally stem cells were only available from umbilical cords or embryos, but advances in this field have made it possible for these medically viable stem cells to be harvested from extracted wisdom teeth, body fat removed during liposuction procedures and even the patient’s own body. This means the ethical dilemma has been removed from the equation and patients can proceed with regenerative treatments with a clear conscience.

When periodontal disease progresses through a patient’s mouth, eventually the gums will recede and there will be significant loss of not only teeth and gums, but also the underlying bone. Currently, treatment for this would involve invasive gum and bone grafting procedures, but stem cell therapy could replace that by helping your body to grow new bone and gingival tissue to replace what was lost to disease.

As stem cell therapies become more common, you will have the option of having your stem cells cryogenically preserved for future use when you have your wisdom teeth removed. Although it may seem like an extreme measure, it could not only cure future periodontal disease but life changing illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease.

Until then, Dr. DeAndrade & Dr. Allen and his staff are trained and experienced in the latest procedures to restore the damage caused by periodontal disease and make your mouth healthy again. Don’t allow gum disease to take any more from you than it already has. If your gums are puffy and bleeding or your teeth are becoming loose, contact us to schedule an appointment right away.