The Connection Between Bone Grafts and Dental Implants

Whether you have missing teeth due to bone loss or you have lost bone due to missing teeth, dental implants may not be an option without taking additional steps to make them successful. Without sufficient bone to anchor the implant in, an implant will have a lower success rate if it is even possible to attempt at all.

las vegas dental bone grafting
Bone Grafts Before Dental Implants

Because the dental implant process takes several months, adding a bone graft to the mix will increase the time it takes before your smile is restored. A bone grafting procedure involves inserting natural or synthetic bone material to increase the volume of your jawbone so that there is sufficient material for the new implant to anchor to.

For patients who have been told that they were not candidates for single dental implants due to lack of sufficient bone, there is still hope. The All-On-4 full arch replacement can give you a brand new smile without requiring a bone grafting procedure first.

All-On-4 full arch replacement offers many benefits over single dental implants and dentures:

• Posts are implanted at an angle so the jawbone does not require as much volume
• Replacement arch is custom designed to look and work just like your natural teeth
• All-On-4 is a permanent replacement that doesn’t gels or glues to stay in place
• Because All-On-4 is permanently affixed, you can still eat your favorite foods and there are no dietary restrictions
• You can brush and floss your All-On-4 full arch replacement just as you would your natural teeth

If you are ready to improve your life by improving your smile, it’s time to learn more about All-on-4. To find out if you are candidate or to learn more about our in-house financing options to help cover the costs of treatment, schedule a consultation with one of Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants’ board-certified periodontists today.