The Pinhole Technique Vs. Traditional Gum Grafting

If you suffer from gum recession, your dentist will likely refer you to a periodontist – but you don’y NEED an official referral! If you believe you have gum recession, come by for a consultation and we will create a treatment plan just for you.  Without the proper treatment, the roots of your teeth will be exposed, leading to a range of potential problems. The traditional method of gum grafting works, but is invasive, requiring sutures and a scalpel. The new pinhole surgical technique offered by Dr. DeAndrade offers dozens of advantages over this original method.

las vegas pinhole surgical technique

Recovery Time With Pinhole Technique

With the traditional gum grafting surgery, you will need between two and three weeks to fully recover from your surgery. During this time, you are likely to experience discomfort and may be on a severely limited diet. In fact, right after gum grafting, most people will only be comfortable with a liquid diet for the majority of this recovery time.

The pinhole surgical technique, on the other hand, only requires an average of two days for recovery. During this time, you will feel minimal to no pain or discomfort since the procedure is minimally invasive. You will also be able to return to your normal diet within a day or two of the procedure.

The Pinhole Procedure Itself

During a gum grafting surgery, you will need a large amount of anesthetic since the majority of your mouth will be worked on. This comes with all of the associated risks of anesthesia. By contract the pinhole surgical technique requires very minimal anesthetic so your entire mouth won’t be numb and you can talk and function normally following the procedure.

Gum grafting is fairly invasive in terms of oral surgeries, requiring a scalpel and sutures while the pinhole technique doesn’t use either, instead relying on special tools. This is part of the reason for the quicker recovery time. As an added bonus, Dr. DeAndrade can treat ten teeth or more in a single visit with the pinhole technique. By contrast, you will need to make a separate appointment for every two teeth to be treated with gum grafting. This takes more time out of your schedule, increases the recovery time, and means that you will have to spend more money.

When it is laid out for you, it becomes clear why periodontists recommend the pinhole surgical technique. It is more affordable, less invasive, more comfortable, and quicker than traditional gum grafting. It can be done in fewer dental visits and lets you return to your normal diet in a timely manner so you don’t miss out.

We offer a infographic that details the difference between gum recession treatments – you can get it for FREE below!

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