Too Young For Dentures?

las vegas young adults dont like dentures

Tooth loss, though usually associated with older people, is an issue that affects the quality of life in younger people and children too. Let’s face it. As we age typically we become less active. Fortunately, for most people, age delivers a better perspective on life and more confidence. Dentures, as a replacement for natural teeth, can be especially problematic for younger people who naturally are short on self confidence and long in the activity department.

Removable dentures need extra care when cleaning. They need to be secured to the roof of the mouth with adhesives which can fail allowing them to slip or fall out. We all know how difficult it can be finding your skis and poles after a good wipeout on the slopes. Dentures dislodged into the snow while snow boarding would be impossible. And the embarrassment felt by the unlucky victim would be immense.

The adhesives need to be used daily and be readily available for dentures, as well as cleaning agents. It’s easy to misplace or lose gloves, keys, coats, you name it. With dentures there is another collection of items that must be brought, or packed, or carried somewhere, and likely to be lost. Younger people are active not only with athletics but with travel and eating away from home. The dietary restrictions with dentures need to be considered at every meal, and when away from home or travelling, they can be challenging to maintain.

Dentures aren’t the best solution for people of any age, but for younger, active people and children they can be exceedingly burdensome. Taking into consideration the increased opportunities for loss or damage, the dietary restrictions and discomfort that come with wearing dentures, All-on-4 permanent replacement dental implants are a far better alternative.


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