When Tooth Extraction Might be Needed

When a tooth might need to be extracted
Sometimes Tooth Extraction is Necessary.


The last resort to all dental procedures is the extraction of the tooth itself. When all other approaches fail or would give uncertain results, the tooth has to go. There are several reasons why tooth extraction is done, but the most common one is that the tooth has undergone extensive damage which cannot be reversed, such as after trauma or extensive decay. Sometimes even an otherwise healthy tooth has to be removed, because it impacts the teeth around it in a negative manner, such as when a molar grows sideways, taking up more space in the jaw than it should. In both cases, there is no actual loss, since the tooth has already lost all of its utility.


Tooth extraction is usually a straightforward dental procedure  but, depending on the state of the tooth, it may require additional preparatory steps. For example, if there is not enough tooth structure remaining to pull it right out, it may require cutting into the gums, exposing the roots and extracting the tooth piecemeal. It’s important to be thorough in removing all particles and diseased tissue, as only after all sources of gum infection have been removed, I can proceed with restoring the look, feel and function of the lost tooth.


Unfortunately, it is in human nature to get accustomed to suffering. In all cases where the tooth merits extraction, it has already been causing severe discomfort and pain for quite some time, which will not go away on its own. In fact, once a tooth becomes damaged beyond repair, the infection will always worsen and spread onto the surrounding gum tissue and teeth, further complicating the matters. If you are experiencing any sort of prolonged discomfort in your mouth, come and get those teeth checked. The sooner you come, the easier it is to fix problems caused by the offending tooth. No tooth extraction is as scary as it looks and will bring you instant relief. After the tooth is gone and the infection clears, we can discuss further options for giving you that perfect pearly smile you deserve to have.