Treat Your Gummy Smile

Whether you think your gums seem too long or your teeth appear too small, you have a gummy smile. Gummy smiles are purely a cosmetic issue, but if you aren’t confident with your smile you’ll appear to lack confidence in other areas too. Fortunately we can help.

las vegas gummy smile
You Don’t Have To Live With Your Gummy Smile

A Gum Lift procedure can easily reveal more of your pearly whites by raising the gumline and sculpting it to complement your teeth—not hide them. This minimally invasive procedure can be performed in our office and uses a laser rather than a scalpel so there is less pain and a quicker recovery time.

Usually it is only necessary to perform a gum lift on the front teeth since these are the ones visible when you smile. Since the laser also seals off your blood vessels as it cuts, there is no bleeding and hardly any swelling. We will administer a local anesthetic prior to beginning and most patients are fully recovered in only 3 days. Any post-procedure discomfort can be alleviated with an over-the-counter pain reliever though most patients do not find this necessary. It is also important to avoid hard or crunchy foods until your gums have completely healed.

If all it took was one office visit to take the smile that you hate and it turn it into something you love, wouldn’t you?  Just because you were born with a gummy smile doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Dr. DeAndrade and Dr. Allen & their staff want to help you create the smile you have always wanted. Contact Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants to schedule your personal consultation and ditch your gummy smile today.