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linked directly to heart disease and stroke. Studies suggest that when a patient with gum disease has it treated, their arteries actually become healthier.

Dr De Andrade of Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants has been successfully treating gum disease here in Las Vegas and Henderson since early 2000. His compassion and ability to communicate with his patients, his driven approach to continuing education for himself and his staff and his upstanding principled reputation have helped make Anthem the top periodontal practice in Las Vegas.

Let’s take a moment to discuss more about the foods you eat and how they affect your teeth!

Health Begins In your Mouth

There is not an actual perfect food that you can eat that will be healthy for your teeth and even the foods you believe to be bad can sometimes do little damage. There are other factors that will determine foods effect on your cavity rate. Let’s take a look at each of those factors below.

    Time Of Exposure

    Damage from any food can occur if it is allowed to rest on your teeth for a long period of time. When we look at the damaging time frame, the closest type of foods doing the most damage is hard sticky food. Toffee candy is a great example of this and the longer you allow it to sit on your teeth post consumption, the more you are going to be cavity prone from it.

    How Often Do You Eat It

    If it is in your mouth, exposed to your teeth many times through out the day, this can begin to break down your teeth. Again sugary candy gets the normal blame in this scenario but that is only because we normally snack many times throughout our day on sugary snacks. Though any food can be blamed for this type of consistent exposure. If your mouth is handling some type of snack many times during the day the time of exposure is extended and can affect the teeth because of it. Frequency in which foods are eaten is more important than amount. Exposing tooth enamel too frequently to sugars is what can lead to decay. Kids do a lot of snacking so this is why they are more prone to cavities, also the reason they need to brush more frequently.

    Time To Eat

    How long does it take you to consume it. The longer the exposure on the tooth the more cavity prone they become. Foods such a breath mints, hard candy’s, sugary gums all take time to consume and essentially soak in your mouth leaving your teeth exposed for long periods of time.

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    What You Eat With Your Food Is Important

    Eating cheese or peanuts with a problem food can lower chance of cavity. The reasons for this have been assumed to the Ph change to more alkaline and also the introduction of the proteins. The issue then becomes it may lower the chances of cavities but if health is your focus, it may hurt your waist line.

    Composition of Food

    Sugars are specific food plaque bacteria likes to work on, and as you may know sugars are carbohydrates. So the simple sugars are easiest to work on for the bacteria, while the complex carbohydrate is too big of a shape to be worked on. Though if a complex carb sticks to your teeth for some time then they begin to break down into smaller molecules that can be used and contribute to decay. This is where length of time begins to play a role over what the composition of the food is.

The total sugar is not as important as the concentration of the sugar. Fruit has just as much sugar as candy but it is diluted in a water concentration not as great so the tooth decay becomes less likely to occur.

The foods ability to increase produce saliva also becomes a factor on how it will affect tooth decay. The more saliva produced can help neutralize the ph to around a 7 and as we discussed the effect of Ph a 5.5 is a conducive range for tooth decay to begin to occur. This is where using xylitol chewing gum to help produce saliva can help your mouth get out of danger zone. Along the lines of lowering the concentration of sugars on the teeth and adjusting the Ph one could also swirl water around in your mouth to help fight the possibility of cavities.

Keep these tips in mind when you are eating and try to make some new habits that may help fight your next cavity! Remember healthy teeth is a healthy you!

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