What is LANAP?


las vegas LANAP

Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) has changed the way periodontists perform gum surgery. Rather than using scalpels and sutures, this revolutionary technique employs the use of a minimally-invasive laser to help reverse the damage done to your gums from periodontal disease.


Are Lasers Safe?

The periodontal laser used to perform LANAP is recognized by the FDA as being completely safe for use on human patients.


Will It Hurt?

LANAP is relatively painless because it does not involve cutting the gum tissue but rather using a laser and ultrasonic scaler to thoroughly clean underneath the gumline to remove debris and infection-causing bacteria.


How Many Visits Does It Take?

Depending on how much of your mouth is treated, LANAP is usually completed in one or two office visits.


I’ve Already Had Traditional Gum Surgery, Can I Still Have LANAP?

Yes! If you have had a reoccurrence of gum disease following a previous gum surgery, you are still a candidate to be treated with LANAP.


Can I Eat After The Procedure?

Since an important part of the healing process is the attachment of the blood clot to your gums, we advise eating a soft foods diet for the first two days following LANAP.


Is It Expensive?

In many cases, LANAP actually costs less than traditional gum surgery because it is such a quick procedure.


If you’ve been told that you will require gum surgery as a result of periodontal disease; consider LANAP over traditional gum surgery for a more comfortable procedure with a much quicker recovery. Schedule an appointment today to learn more.