What Should I Do About My Receding Gums?

las vegas gum recession treatment

Gum recession is not that rare of a dental issue. In fact, up to 70% of American adults have some form of gum disease, and gum recession is one of the major signs of gum disease. If you feel that your gums are shrinking or that they are pulling from the teeth, there are several treatments that you can go for.

Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning my help if your gums are only slightly receding.  When the infection heals and the gums are clean, further recession can be avoided .

Get Your Partial Dentures Fixed

Another reason of gum recession is loosely fitting partial dentures the rub on the gums of the remaining teeth. In this case, your dentist can adjust the dentures, which usually takes care of the issue.

Get a Surgical Procedure

Surgery is required if gum recession cannot be treated with procedures like deep cleaning. Surgical procedures include gum grafting. Or another option is relatively new treatment, the Pinhole Surgical Technique®.

A gum graft surgery removes tissue from a healthy part of the mouth which is then grafted to the problem area. This covers the roots and aids further growth. The Pinhole treatment offers similar effects, but it is less invasive and painful as compared to traditional grafting. Depending on the level of recession, a dental practitioner may recommend one of these treatments.


To learn more about these treatments, contact Dr. Ed DeAndrade at the Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants in Las Vegas.

For an infographic guide to the options for treating gum recession, click HERE to download it for FREE!
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