Who Do I See If I Have Receding Gums?

Are Your Gums Receding? Here Are Five Ways To Tell.

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The answer to your receding gums is Anthem Periodontics in Las Vegas

One of the reasons that you need to take gum disease seriously is the fact that it destroys important tissue like your gums. The change isn’t noticeable at first, but ones gum recession begins the results can be traumatic.

1. Your Roots Are Showing: We aren’t talking about the roots that get touched up at the hair salon, but rather the roots of your teeth. You can tell the root from the rest of your tooth because the area will appear less shiny and darker.

2. You’re Looking A Little Long In The Tooth: When your gums are receding your teeth appear longer than they used to. It is believed that this common expression to express that someone looks older actually comes from the fact that your gums recede as you get older.

3. Gaps And Spaces: As you lose gum tissue, gaps and spaces begin to appear between your teeth that weren’t there before.

4. Ab-What?: Another telltale sign of gum recession is tooth abfraction. This is a fancy name for the notches that appear in your teeth when the enamel has eroded away on your gumline.

5. You’re So Sensitive: The gums protect the roots of your teeth. As they recede, the tooth’s root becomes exposed and you will experience increased sensitivity to hot and cold.

Gum recession is not a condition to ignore. More often than not, it is caused by periodontal disease—an infection in the gums of your mouth. Periodontal disease is responsible for tooth, gum and bone loss and can also spread through the bloodstream and cause problems in other parts of your body. Following treatment for gum disease, we have several treatments to reverse gum recession including the Pinhole Surgical Technique, LANAP and Gum Grafting.

If these signs of gum recession sound familiar, it’s time to schedule an appointment at Anthem Periodontic and Dental Implants today!