Will I Lose My Dental Benefits If I Don’t Use Them?

dental benefite start over each year...have you used all of this years?
Use Your Benefits Before You Lose Them!

The Year Is Almost Over, Have You Gotten The Most Out Of Your Dental Plan?

Fall is upon us. Kids are back in school, leaves are changing and in a few months you’re going to have to pay a whole new deductible for your dental coverage. That’s why now is the time to visit Anthem Periodontics to take advantage of your dental benefits before they run out for the year.

Chances are you’ve already met the deductible for this year’s benefits and there’s still room left in your annual maximums. Don’t just throw away your benefits; after all, you’ve been paying for them all year! Now is the best time to have periodontic procedures performed, especially if you want your best smile for holiday photos.

Whether you’re in need of implants, Gum RejuvenationTM, root planing, bone and gum grafts or cosmetic procedures; our experienced staff has the best technology available to ensure that your experience is positive and you are completely satisfied with the results. We even have a licensed anesthesiologist on staff if you would prefer to have your procedure performed under partial or complete sedation.

Don’t lose what you have coming to you—the year will be over before you know it. Even if your insurance doesn’t cover everything, we have many financing options to assist you with paying for your treatment. To learn more about what periodontics can do for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. DeAndrade and his team today.