5 Fun Facts About Dental Implants

Medicine has come a long way in aiding human kind to live longer and healthier. With rapid development and advancement in medicine and science both, traditional procedures have been replaced with more advanced methods and techniques. With that being said, dental procedures (and dental implants more importantly) are no exception and have evolved over the time.

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A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a substitute tooth. Dental implants have become increasingly common over the years due to numerous reasons such as an injuries and periodontal diseases among various other factors. A recent study suggests that a staggering 69% of Americans aged 35 to 44 have at least one tooth missing. Also, astonishingly enough, one in every four individual aged over 74 has lost ALL of their natural teeth.


Now that you are slightly familiar with the topic and its importance, here are 5 fun facts about dental implants that would like to remember:


  1. Dental Recovery – Dental implants are known to preserve and stimulate natural bones which help in stimulating bone growth and halt the bone loss process.
  2. Cavity-free – Since dental implants are made of artificial material, they are cavity free! However, it is still recommended to brush your teeth regularly to keep them clean and healthy.
  3. Titanium Implants – Using titanium (the same material used by NASA!) makes implants light and strong, resulting in them lasting an entire lifetime. This means you won’t be making trips to the dentist every now and then to check on your dental implants.
  4. Improves Jawbone – Titanium used in dental implants is a rather strong material and it’s biological aspect improves your bone growth. Dental implants in no way cause any disease or cavity but only improve the natural growth of jawbone. Win-win!
  5. No Age Limit – Dental implants are for people of all ages. With 98% success rate, dental patients can feel assured about their teeth and gum’s well-being.


So while you rejoice that dental implants aren’t that bad a deal for your oral needs, it is important that you visit a professional Periodontist. Visit Dr. DeAndrade of Anthem Periodontics to get the best dental implants and fix all your oral problems without any worries!

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