Advantages of Dental Implants

las vegas dental implants

Have you been thinking of replacing your bridge with a dental implant? Are you having second thoughts about it? If you still want to further know its perks, here is a list of the advantages of having dental implants:

  1. It is the best choice when you want the closest to the real thing.

If you want something that looks, feels and does the functions of natural teeth, then an implant is the way to go. While a bridge may restrict you from eating well or giving out a beautiful smile or enjoying conversations, dental implants let you do all these without any hassle.

  1. It lasts a long time.

Dental bridges will last for about five to seven years. If you are taking care of it pretty well, this could last for about 10 years. But there will come a time that you would have to replace it. With dental implants, it is a long-term solution. It may need some adjustments every now and then, but with proper care, this will last you forever making it more cost-effective!

  1. It does not interfere with your oral hygiene routine.

Dental bridges are cemented and are connected to at least three crowns, so brushing and flossing will be a bit of a challenge. Special oral hygiene is advised. It is a whole different situation with dental implants.  You can continue with your usual oral hygiene routine such as brushing and flossing, just like how you do it to the rest of your teeth.

  1. It does not damage surrounding teeth, keeping everything still healthy.

A bridge needs support from the surrounding teeth. They modify the adjacent teeth which may cause the healthy teeth to be damaged. With dental implants, it goes directly to the root where the missing tooth was. It doesn’t have to be supported by any other surrounding teeth. An implant just needs to be implanted straight to the root and will not affect any other tooth.

These are just a few of the benefits of replacing your bridge with dental implants. If you want a long-term answer to the recurring problem with your dental bridge, then a dental implant is the key! If you are near Las Vegas, Nevada and want to get professional help regarding dental implants, give Dr. DeAndrade a call at (702) 562-9024.