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To write a review please click here.Had a root canal by an orthodontist and he really made a mess of my tooth, I was on vacation and it was a last minute emergency procedure. It was a nightmare. So I was referred to Anthem by a local dentist who told me I needed help from an expert. Thankfully he referred me to Doctor DeAndrade. The staff was a pleasure to deal with from the start, they emailed all necessary forms to fill out so I walked right in handed them my paperwork and almost immediately walked in to the back to see the dental assistant who was personable, nice and most of all real(no fake niceties) She did her thing the doctor came in and he did his thing and it was awesome, he told me like it was, was honest fixed my situation and even helped me deal with the original dentist who made the mistakes. Thank you to all of the Anthem Staff! KDI am a guy who doesn’t like going to the Dentist. I avoid it and hope it won’t be necessary. It works until, oops! I needed periodontal work and after meeting Dr. DeAndrade at a meeting, I asked him if he would take a look at me. (This was a Thursday night, I told him a quick overview of what I thought I needed and he arranged to see me the next Tuesday.)
It all started before I even got there. The Office Coordinator emailed me the forms I would need to complete so I could do them comfortably at my desk.

When I walked in the door of the Office, things start to get even easier. The Staff is friendly, approachable and will put their full attention on you. They Check to see how you are and learn what you need. He doesn’t waste your time and he is as patient as you need him to be.
The atmosphere in the whole office is like this. The waiting area is comfortable “the office staff” was busily making things happen, but available for a question. Everyone in this Office knows about helping people feel “welcome and comfortable”. (I love that about this place.)
This Doctor is a guy who “Listens”. He wants to know what is important to me about my teeth and what’s going on. He is personable without being over-solicitous or phony. He genuinely cares and believes that he is in the business of “Care-Giving”. He lives it and it’s obvious. He also has that wonderful mindset that no problem is too much. No problem! That, by itself is amazing and he’s a guy you can count on and he won’t BS you and he won’t take advantage of you. (To me, these things are hard to find these days.)
He has Dental Assistants both seasoned and new. Barbara has a delightfully energetic presence and worked to immediately make me comfortable in the chair. She has been there for a while and knows the Doc well. (The dental chair has a massager for the back! – Every little bit helps.) Katherine is competent, attentive and gently reassuring. Both Assistants move with practiced ease.
Here is a first; there is a special hanger for women to place their purse within easy reach and still have it not get in the way. (I didn’t need it, but my wife would love it.)
I am talking about an exceptional Periodontal Office.

I had a tooth with a hole in it (under the gum, eeeee-UUU) and it was getting painful. I had put it off as long as I thought I could get away with it. Did I mention that I don’t like going to the Dentist. I also found that I had a failed Root Canal.
I met with the Doc and we agreed that the teeth involved were best to turn into implants. Did I mention that I am a “Chicken” in the chair when it comes to pain?
I told the Doc about this and when he started to numb me, he said that he had the “Chicken” numbing protocol. (It made me laugh out loud with relief.) He gave me the “local” in little steps so I didn’t have to climb the walls from getting stuck. He kept me informed the whole way and he checked on my comfort throughout the process. No pain, no discomfort. (Yes, I was stressed – but it was out of habit – not reality, if that makes sense).
He removed both teeth and they had different degrees of challenge. He was exceptional. He made me comfortable the whole time and was attentive to detail as well as my experience.
It was pretty traumatic for me to think about implants and he made it infinitely easier on me than I expected.

He called me the next evening and checked on me. He asked about very specific things I was doing or feeling and reviewed what was coming up next.
I did follow instructions. I iced my face the way he and Barbara said – viola, no swelling today.
Post procedure pain was very easy to manage (nothing that the Ibuprofen couldn’t handle).
The details are the important part. This guy and his staff are delightful. They don’t take their patients or their jobs for granted and they make it easy to do what is necessary to get my mouth back on track.

I am grateful to the people that work in this Office as much as I am the good Doctor. It all matters and they really helped me.
This man knows what he is doing, he won’t steer you wrong, he won’t make you feel wrong or stupid (too many Dentist’s wag their fingers with “shoulds”). Dr. De Andrade is someone you can count on. I would trust this Doctor with my Wife, Son or Daughter. And I am actually comfortable thinking about my next appointment with him.


BobDr. DeAndrade and the staff at Anthem Periodontics are part of a caring organization that gives back to the community. The Vision Services Department of the Clark County School District is so grateful to Dr. DeAndrade and his team for giving both their time and financial support to ensure our Blind and low vision students had the opportunity to develop their independent living skills and experience the real world during our summer independence program. Without the support of Dr. DeAndrade, we would not have been able to offer the abundant hands on community and life experiences to our students. In addition to donating financially to make our program a success, he took time off and provided two of his staff members for an afternoon to give an interactive presentation on healthy oral care for our kids. Along with the knowledge he shared, he gave each student a goodie bag full of items they could take home to promote consistent proper dental hygiene. Really, there was minimal benefit for Dr. DeAndrade to give in this manner, but he did it out of the goodness of his heart and for the community. Professionally, I would like to thank him for being such a large part of our success, helping out the 24 children who attended, and truly bridging the gap between a local business and the kids in our school district.

Kelly Perkins
Vision Services Supervisor
Clark County School District

(Testimonial As Seen On Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants Google Places Page)

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