It used to be that a diagnosis of chronic or advanced periodontal disease meant the patient had no other option than to have the diseased gum tissue removed in a painful surgical procedure. Even patients with otherwise perfect health can experience periodontal pockets severe enough to require treatment of this condition. With the advance of Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure or LANAP, patients suffering from advanced periodontal disease now have a minimally invasive alternative to the cutting and sutures of traditional gum surgery. In addition to contributing to the overall comfort of the patient, LANAP protects the healthy neighboring tissue, results in less bleeding and better preserves tooth structure and underlying bone. LANAP is also a treatment option available to patients with preexisting medical conditions that previously excluded them as candidates for periodontal surgery.

The LANAP Procedure(Laser Gum Surgery):

Our doctors begins this 1 to 2 hour procedure by using a special periodontal probe to evaluate which areas will most benefit from LANAP. After a treatment plan has been determined, a specially designed laser filament removes the damaged tissue, and bacteria around the affected tooth are destroyed and the periodontal pocket is sterilized. Once this step is complete, a fine-tipped ultrasonic cleaner is applied to the root surface to remove any hardened bacteria. After the ultrasonic cleaning is finished, the laser removes any remaining damaged tissue. This step also helps to stimulate the bone and gums to generate new healthy tissue.  The new tissue will reattach to the tooth by a fibrous clot that forms around the treatment area. On average, most patients will receive favorable results after only two sessions as opposed to 3-4 one-hour sessions of traditional surgery.


LANAP Recovery:

Most LANAP patients will be able to resume normal activities after a 24-hour rest period. Although you may feel well enough to eat what you want after the procedure, it’s best to follow a diet of soft foods for the first 48 hours to prevent damage to the newly formed clot. Once you have had your final procedure, our doctors will check the healing process during a scheduled follow-up visit.

Post LANAP Care

Please refrain from brushing, flossing or using a water pik in the areas treated for 72 hours. Please only brush your tongue and top of your teeth carefully and with a soft bristle brush.
You will schedule a follow-up cleaning with our doctor 3 months after the procedure has been completed, but remember you will not receive a deep cleaning, meaning below your gum line, in the area treated using LANAP for nine months. Your body is working hard to reconnect the gums to your bone and teeth and we want to make sure those areas are not disturbed.

Benefits of LANAP vs. Traditional Gum Surgery

  • 24-hour Recovery Period
  • Safe for Most Patients With Underlying Medical Conditions and Those Taking Plavix or Similar Medication
  • Less Bleeding
  • Less Damage to Healthy Surrounding Tissue
  • High Success Rate
  • No Cutting or Sutures
  • Prevents Irreversible Gum Recession

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Video Description of Laser Gum Therapy, The LANAP Procedure