LANAP, Laser Gum Therapy Frequently Asked Questions


A laser is shown as part of the LANAP procedure. There are a short six steps to laser gum therapy when treating gum disease. is outlined as the website to visit to learn more about LANAP.
Anthem Periodontics is proud to be the only board certified LANAP provider in the Las Vegas Valley. We Have Two Offices, Las Vegas and Henderson.


Why should I choose LANAP over traditional gum surgery?

Rather than using incisions and sutures to remove damaged tissue, a specially designed fiber optic tip is used to kill bacteria below the gum line. Following this step, a fine-tipped ultrasonic cleaner and disinfectant are used to flush out the periodontal pocket. The last step uses the laser again to form a clot that the healthy tissue will use to attach itself. This allows minimal bleeding, quick recovery and protects the surrounding healthy gums and tooth structure.
Traditional surgery involves cutting away the diseased gum and bone resulting in sutures, heavy bleeding and a 1-2 week recovery time.

What kind of results can I expect with LANAP?

Patients will see up to a 50% reduction in periodontal pockets and possible bone regeneration within the first two years following the procedure.

Will I need to repeat LANAP if I’ve already been treated?

Once diagnosed with chronic or advanced periodontal disease, it is important that good home care is followed as well as receiving regular professional cleanings to prevent the disease from progressing. If the disease once again advances to the stage requiring surgical intervention, LANAP may need to be repeated.

Can a patient that has had traditional gum surgery be treated by LANAP?

Yes. In the event of a reoccurrence of advanced or chronic periodontal disease after traditional gum surgery, the patient most likely will be a candidate for LANAP.

Is it possible to use the laser to treat an implant that is having bone loss around it?

Once the cause of bone loss is determined, the laser can be used to sanitize the implant surface allowing for future bone growth.

Will my roots be sensitive after I’ve had LANAP?

Since the gum tissue usually remains at the same level of the root following LANAP, we have found that LANAP does not generate root sensitivity in patients unless there is some recession due to the resolution of gum inflammation.

How long does a LANAP procedure take?

On average, most patients experience optimal results following two 1-2 hour sessions. For best results, patients should schedule a follow up visit with our doctors and receive professional cleanings every 3 months to protect their investment.

Can I eat after having LANAP?

Although you may feel well enough to eat whatever you want, for the first 2 days it is best to follow a diet of soft foods so that the newly formed clot is not damaged.

How much time do I have to take off from work?

Most patients only require a 24-hour rest period before they return to their normal activities.