Root planing is considered to be one of the most prominent ways to take care of gum issues before they become severe.  The subgingival scaling procedure is necessary when the deposits of calculus extend below the gum line of the teeth. This procedure is more aggressive than normal cleaning practices, as our doctors may have to numb the affected area before cleaning the teeth. Once the calculus and plaque has been removed from below the gum line, the gums heal by themselves and gradually tighten back around the teeth.

Non Surgical Periodontal Procedures Below The Gums Can Prevent Permanent Damage
Non Surgical Periodontal Procedures Below The Gums Can Prevent Permanent Damage


Subgingival Scaling and Root Planing

Subgingival scaling is always followed by the root planing procedure in order to smooth the area from where the plaque has been removed from the tooth. Depending on the extent of plaque deposits, the subgingival scaling and root planning procedure may take more than one visit to the dentist to complete. Our doctors are experienced periodontists in the Las Vegas area, who can effectively take care of your teeth cleaning needs and eliminate your gum disease.
Root planing can be considered an extended routine cleaning of teeth. Routine cleaning is necessary when the plaque deposits form above the gum line. However, when the deposits extend beyond the gum line, your periodontist will suggest the root planning.



  • Removing calculus from the teeth
  • Creating a plain root surface that is easier to maintain
  • Reducing the possibility of infection so that the bacteria won’t be able to reattach to the planed surface easily

Subgingival scaling (cleaning below the gum line) followed by root planing is an effective way to take care of your teeth problems early. This is not a procedure that should be postponed. If the problem is neglected, it can develop into a more serious issue in the future. You can rest assured that our Periodontists effectively handled thousands of root planing procedures, resolving many tooth and gum related issues.