Subgingival Scaling: Cleaning the tooth below the gumline.

The Tools of The Trade, Helping Dentist and Periodontist Keep Your Teeth Healthy For GenerationsSubgingival scaling focuses on the removal of the subgingival calculus from the surface of the root of your tooth, as well as the exposed parts.  This procedure can be considered either closed or opened, depending on what is required. If it is opened, a flap will be made in order to improve efficiency of the removal and aid vision. If closed, no flap is needed.

Minor Procedure Before Major Problems

We will normally review your oral health habits before any scaling of your teeth is performed. Subgingival scaling requires supportive proper oral health care in order to retain positive results. The procedure is a dental treatment that can be effective for reinstating your oral health. Scaling is also cost-effective compared to the next level of problems that could occur if your teeth are left untreated.