Benefits of Frenectomy for Children


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You took your child to the dentist and he recommended that your child needs a frenectomy. You are confused as to what a frenectomy actually is and whether your child really needs it or not. If that is your concern, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will list down the benefits of frenectomy for children.


Frenectomy is a surgical procedure in which frenum is removed from the mouth. A frenum is a small muscle that holds two tissues together. The presence of frena in the mouth can restrict function and can make you ‘tongue-tied’.

Why Should your Child Should Undergo Frenectomy

In the early years, frenum can cause pain to your child. In this case, you can go for a ‘maxillary labial frenectomy’ to remove the frenum that holds together the upper lip and the gums just above the two upper front teeth. It can also cause a gap between the front two teeth, which should be fixed by braces before frenectomy is performed.

If a child is facing issues with eating, swallowing or speaking, you can considered a lingual frenectomy to remove frenum that joins the tongue with the floor of the mouth.

Benefits of Frenectomy

  • Labial frenectomy

Labial frenectomy can reduces oral discomfort and enhance appearance of facial features. The child will find it easier to bite and chew. Also, if dentures are required in the future, stability can be achieved as there will be no gap between teeth. All in all, labial frenectomy will ensure that your child will not feel embarrassed to smile.

  • Lingual frenectomy

Lingual frenectomy allows your child to speak freely and thus express herself openly. Also, it improves appetite so that she can eat properly.

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