Doctor DeAndrade Consults with a new patient about her dental issues
Doctor DeAndrade Consults With A New Patient About Her Dental Issues

At Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants our goal is to provide high quality dental care which starts with a complete and clear understanding of the oral health condition of the patient.  Each person is unique and we believe in spending time in order to get to know each person completely. After a thorough examination of your oral health all required information is recorded and used to create a treatment plan, which will have the aim of restoring beauty and health.

The following is a brief explanation of the steps of our oral examination with more information available by clicking each one.


Oral Cancer Screening

It is extremely important to have an oral cancer screening by a trained expert.  During this process, they will look inside the mouth for specific indicators that can be proof of the existence of cancer. This step is even more important should you be considered high risk. Please click here to learn more.


Occlusal Analysis and Adjustment

Through this step we will determine your current occlusion. The analysis examines your bite in particular places where damage may have occurred.  Our Doctors will check your mouth and the natural movements that occur with your bite. If we find that anything is abnormal, we will go over it with you and propose a treatment plan. Click here to find out more about what occlusal analysis is.


Extraoral u0026amp; Intraoral Examination

To ensure perfect oral health, an extraoral and intraoral exam can be conducted. During an extraoral exam, we will check all tissues within the head and neck area.  In an intraoral exam, gums, tongue, throat, and mouth are checked –  and also the inside regions of the cheeks for any damage or dryness.


Radiographic Examination

Through a radiographic exam, we check for any tooth or bone issues. X-rays can help us identify problems with not only your teeth, but  also the surrounding bones. The X-ray pictures will show bone loss and concealed dental structure. Please click here to read more about the importance of our radiographic exam.


Diagnostic Photography

Even when you have walked out of our office it is important for us to be able to continue examining your teeth. Our Doctors are  specially trained in oral photography, and Anthem Periodontics owns the right specialty photographic equipment to make this possible. Click here to find out how the pictures Doctor takes the first day can help your future procedures become more successful.