Occlusal Analysis and Adjustment

During your initial consultation with us at Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants we will analyze your current occlusion. Occlusal Analysis simply means how you teeth currently come in contact with each other during jaw movement. We will study your bite and your mouth’s current natural movements to see if there is any damage currently being done by your bite. Many times if there is anything that may harm your mouth in the future it can be corrected now to limit, or altogether stop, any permanent damage. Below are some of the terms that describe what our doctors will be looking for, and the positions of your bite that are relevant.

Static Occlusion

The position of your teeth and jaw at the moment of contact.  Naturally press your teeth and jaw line together to replicate this occlusion.

Dynamic Occlusion

This is the position of your jaw when in movement – as if you were chewing.

Centric Occlusion

This is the position when your teeth first come in contact with one another from the top to the bottom, also known as the habitual bite. To try this position lightly move you jaw together and then stop when your teeth first touch one another.


In Simple terms is what we call a “Bad Bite” where your teeth and jaw create a misalignment. It is imperative that we work together to fix this issue immediately to stop, or try to reverse, the oral harm it is doing to your mouth. This is the reason why our doctors include Occlusion Analysis into their initial consultation. For your protection we can prevent a very costly future procedure by correcting bad habits now.