Cosmetic Dental Surgery Is For Any Age There are Many Reasons For Cosmetic Dental Surgery, And It Can Be Successful At Any Age

Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Periodontal plastic surgery refers to dental procedures that are intended to repair and restore the gum tissue, bone structure that supports the teeth, or periodontal ligaments. This type of surgery may include certain surgical periodontal procedures that are performed to cover an area of an exposed tooth root surface. These dental procedures are typically completed by a  periodontist. Read more below or click on any procedure to learn more about them, and how Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants can provide periodontal plastic surgery for your individual situation.


Crown Lengthening

A crown lengthening procedure is performed when the teeth appear to be too short due to coverage by excess gum tissue. This procedure may also be recommended by our doctors to enable the completion of other dental work such as placing a dental implant. For example, if a tooth has insufficient structure for a restoration or cosmetic procedure to be performed, a portion of the gum tissue may need to be removed to expose enough bone and tooth structure in order to complete the implant procedure.


Crown Shortening

Crown shortening is a procedure that is done when the gum tissue has receded beyond the crown, and tooth roots are exposed. The gum tissue is positioned toward the crown to cover exposed roots, giving the teeth a shorter appearance. Crown shortening is generally done for aesthetic purposes, but may also be performed to ease root sensitivity. Our doctors are qualified to assess your situation and make the necessary periodontal modifications to give you the smile you desire.


Gummy Smile

Gummy smile is an aesthetic condition in which a substantial amount of gum tissue can be seen when a person smiles. During adolescence, the teeth begin to appear longer and fully formed. In cases in which this does not happen, the teeth may retain a short appearance because much of the tooth structure remains covered by gum tissue. Through periodontal plastic surgery, our skilled periodontists can reduce and contour gum tissue around the teeth to give them a longer appearance. This procedure is one of many that can eliminate gummy smile, please read more here.


Connective Tissue Grafts

For patients who have dental root exposure, a connective tissue graft is the most commonly used treatment method. Through this procedure, our periodontists,  are able to transfer subepithelial tissue from the top of the inside of the mouth and place the skin over the exposed root.


Gum Lift

A gum lift is a cosmetic dental procedure through which the amount of gums covering the upper front teeth is reduced, thereby restoring symmetry to the gums and causing the teeth to appear longer. The procedure may be completed by using radiosugery, conventional surgery, or laser surgery to remove a small portion of gum tissue. However, in more extensive cases, the underlying bone structure may be reshaped. The skilled dentistry at Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants is capable of addressing a diversity of cases.

Ridge Augmentation Therapy

Ridge augmentation therapy is a common periodontal procedure that is often performed following a tooth extraction. In cases in which the surrounding tooth socket breaks when a tooth is removed, the original height and width of the alveolar ridge may need to be reconstructed to enable a dental implant to be placed or simply to improve aesthetics. Ridge Augmentation Therapy is one of many services Anthem Periodontal and Dental Implants offers.


Tongue Piercing Damage

Tongue piercing damage can occur to the teeth and mouth due to wearing a piercing in the tongue even over short period of time. Examples include receding gums, inflammation and nerve damage at the site of the piercing, fractured or chipped teeth, and periodontitis. Contact Anthem to learn more about how we can repair tongue piercing damage and click here to read more about it.



Frenectomy is a procedure by which a small fold of tissue called the frenulum is cut. An example is when the tongue frenulum is too tight or too short, tongue movement can be restricted.  Frenectomy is offered by Anthem and is treated as a case by case basis as each patient has individualized needs. Read more about it by clicking here.


Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions involve removing the tooth from the mouth. Extractions can be performed for a number of reasons depending on the patient’s needs. Our doctors are able to perform tooth extractions in a variety of different cases. Find out why sometimes they are necessary for your own personal oral health situation by clicking here for more information.


Tooth Socket Preservation

To prevent bone loss after a dental extraction has been performed, a patient may require a tooth socket preservation procedure, through which our doctors are able to insert a scaffold or grafted material into a tooth socket, thereby preserving the alveolar ridge. Find out more about this periodontal procedure and how Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants can help your situation.