Crown Lengthening before and after
Crown Lengthening before and after

The crown lengthening process is intended to shape the gums at the topĀ of the tooth. The main aim is to bring out extra tooth surface for cosmetic or restorative function by adjusting the level of the exposed tooth. There are many dental conditions which require restorations using this process. Most common is extreme tooth decay under the gum line. An additional situation when this procedure is performed is when you have a fractured tooth that has broken off from below the present gum line.

Reinstating Damaged Teeth

This process plays a very important role in restoring your damaged teeth. There may be extreme tooth decay that results in broken teeth or that has been destroyed under the gum line. By exposing the tooth, this process offers a steady base for the ultimate tooth reinstatement.

Cosmetic Application

The process is often used at Anthem PeriodonticsĀ for supporting cosmetic dental processes. It is used in many situations where your gum extends too far down the tooth, causing it to appear extremely short. This will enhance the vulnerability to any kind of gum disease. By removing this added gum tissue you can reinstate a normal look and improve your smile immediately.

The Crown Lengthening Process

The crown lengthening procedure is executed under local anesthesia by our periodontists. This can be incorporated with sedation if you need it. The chosen part of your gums is then contoured by way of tissue elimination. The main aim is to extend the suitable teeth and create greater gum line symmetry.

Pre and Post-Surgical Care

As with all of our surgeries, we will spend individual time with you to discuss what to expect during your individual procedure both before and after your surgery. If you have any question never hesitate to contact us and please see our general literature we have on our website for pre surgical and post surgical care to answer most general questions.

What Are The Benefits Of The Crown Lengthening Procedure?

Through this crown lengthening procedure you can enhance aesthetic beauty as well as functionality. So, with this procedure performed you can get a wonderful smile and have enhanced periodontal health. This process is the key to proper eating, beautiful smile and overall confidence. So, contact our Las Vegas periodontist today.

Periodontist Crown Lengthening Before
Crown Lengthening before
Periodontist Crown Lengthening after
Crown Lengthening After