Gum Depigmentation, Removing the black stains on the gums


It is a myth that healthy gums are always pink. Some patients actually have gums that appear darker than usual due to higher amounts of naturally occurring pigment. At Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants, we can easily eliminate these darker areas of gum tissue through a dental bleaching procedure known as gum depigmentation. Bleaching gums is an easy in-office procedure that enables darker gums to achieve a light pink color after only a couple of weeks.

Cosmetic bleaching is not only used to whiten teeth, but is also an effective way to dramatically reduce dark pigmentation. Whether these areas are genetic or caused by the use of medication, gum bleaching removes this excess melanin so that these spots actually disappear and the gums become light pink.

Rather than using harsh chemicals, this cosmetic gum surgery is performed by a special laser and only causes minor discomfort. You will still be able to eat, drink and brush as you normally would after the procedure is performed.

If you’ve been wondering what is dental bleaching and if you can benefit from gum cosmetic surgery, schedule a consultation with us today.

AM after smiling Gum DepigmentionAM before retracted Gum DepigmentionAM before smiling Gum Depigmention

AM after retracted Gum Depigmention

Gum depigmentation before and after, gum bleaching before and after
Gum Depigmentation or sometimes called gum bleaching is a way to bring the light pink color to your gums.