Your smile will be regarded as a ‘gummy smile’ when a considerable part of gingival tissue (your gums) can be seen when you smile. Although, it is considered quite normal, many people becomes self-conscious especially when they are laughing or smiling. However, these smiles can be corrected easily by surgical procedures at Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants.

Reasons for a Gummy Smile

There are many probable reasons for a gummy smile they include:

  • Unusual eruption of teeth and excessive gum tissue covering your teeth.
  • Hyperactive upper lip movement causes your upper lip to rise exposing more gum tissue every time.
  • The growth and development manner of your upper jaw bone can be the reason for your gummy smile.

Gummy Smile: Is It An Aesthetic Problem?

Your smile line is determined by different factors like shape and size of your teeth and lips, gum tissue and facial muscles. The best smile appearance should expose a minimum amount of gum tissue. The gum tissue should be balanced with even contours which will be in harmony with upper lip. If this is not the case,  individuals might consider their smile to be unattractive. There are many serious dental problems related to your gummy smile. If your gummy smile is because of your jaw development and teeth eruptions then you may have an improper bite that can affect your oral health.

Treatments For Gummy Smile

If you have a gummy smile then you should visit Anthem Perio today for evaluation and confirmation. Our doctors will conduct an examination and determine the extent of your gum exposure and its probable causes. Moreover, you might require X-ray imaging so that your jaw bone and tooth roots can be examined.

Depending on your clinical condition, some possible treatment solutions:

  • Lip repositioning through surgery
  • Laser treatments
  • Braces for better teeth positions
  • Maxillofacial surgery for bone repositioning
  • Sculpting of gum tissues and bone for creating attractive gum contours

Pre and Post-Surgical Care

As with all of our surgeries we will spend time with you to discuss what to expect during your procedure, and both before and after your surgery. If you have any question never hesitate to contact us and please see our general literature we have on our website for pre surgical and post surgical care to answer most general questions.

Crown Lengthening: An Option For Treating Gummy Smiles

A crown lengthening process can be performed to correct a gummy smile appearance. During the process our periodontists will eliminate the extra gingival tissue and bone to expose tooth surface. This procedure can be done on one or more teeth. This will help to create a natural looking smile. The benefits of the process include enhanced confidence and comfort when eating, smiling and speaking. As discussed earlier this procedure can also improve oral and gum tissue health.