How Does Dental Bone Grafting Work?

If your Dr. DeAndrade suggests dental bone grafting (sometimes called ridge augmentation), it is normal to have some questions! Bone grafting is typically done as part of a dental implant surgery or if there are large gaps at the site of your dental bridge. This is most common if you’ve previously lost teeth, and because of bone recession, your jaw isn’t thick enough to fit the implants posts.

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What Happens During The Bone Graft

A dental bone graft is different than bone grafts from other areas of the body, as there is no donation site.  Dr. DeAndrade uses synthetic bone to stimulate your own bone growth in your jaw.  The bone graft will be left to heal for a few months before the implant surgery can be done.

The bone graft procedure is done under local anesthesia in your dour office. You will have to wait for the bone graft to heal completely before receiving your dental implant. The time this takes varies by person.  By this point, the bone graft should have grown enough new bone for supporting a dental implant.

After-care For Bone Grafting

Following your dental bone graft, you will be prescribed pain medication and antibiotics. Your dentist will also give you an antibacterial mouthwash and give you general care instructions. You will have to avoid certain foods and placing pressure on the graft.

A consultation with Dr. DeAndrade at Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants will let you know whether you need a dental bone graft before your implant surgery. If you do need it, Dr. DeAndrade can explain the procedure to you in more detail, including the time frame for healing.

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