A Single Tooth Dental Implant, Understanding the three steps with Dr DeAndrade, Anthem Periodontics u0026amp; Dental Implants
A Single Tooth Dental Implant, Understanding the three steps with Dr DeAndrade, Anthem Periodontics u0026amp; Dental Implants

When you are missing one tooth, and would like an alternative to a bridge procedure, a single dental implant could well be your solution. Single dental implants are used to replace either one or more teeth, depending on your individual situation. Single tooth dental implants are considered a surgical procedure.  First our doctors place a titanium post  into the actual jawbone. After the post is placed, the next step can occur only after the dental implant has integrated to the bone. This post replaces the root of the old tooth and becomes the “root” for the new synthetic tooth. Once the “root” has taken hold in your jaw bone then a crown can be attached to it.

It is very important to note that the procedure can only be performed when there is a sufficient amount of bone in the jaw. This is something we will have to analyze during our initial consultation. If this is an issue, we are prepared to to fix this deficiency by utilizing what is called bone augmentation.



The Beauty of a Single Implant:

Las vegas summerlin henderson dental implants single tooth implant before This need for the single tooth implant procedure becomes both cosmetic and functional. Depending on your age and your situation.  If the dental implant is not taken care of shortly after the tooth loss, all ofy your teeth will begin to move to fill in the gap. This movement will then create an entirely new set of issues, not only aesthetically,  but also functionally.
Diagnostic Photography after picture shows the improved gum health and of course the implant in place and perfect The after picture is worth a thousand words. Not only can you recognize the gap has been filled with a completely natural looking tooth but you also can see a healthy, even gum line. Now there are no gaps for future tooth movement and a smaller possibility of any complications because of that movement.

Initial Consultation

Our doctors will conduct a comprehensive exam. During the exam, the doctor will review your dental history and then take X-rays. Next they will create an impression of your gums and teeth so that models can be made. In certain situations the dentist may conduct a CT scan of the mouth, which will assist the doctor in determining the amount of jawbone available for the implants, and will show the location of structures like sinuses and nerves so that they can be avoided during operation.
Is an implant right for you? On your first consultation, we will discuss if implants are the right treatment for you. It is essential to note that the process is performed successfully at our Las Vegas dental implant center on patients who have adequate bone concentration in the jaw. If you aren’t a candidate for implants at that time, bone augmentation may be considered.

Caring For Your Implant

You need to care for your single implant in the same way as you do for your natural teeth. It is essential to continue to floss and brush every day. Additionally, it is important that you visit the dentist every 2-3 months for check-ups, but later you can schedule appointments every six months