Is Vaping Safe?

Electronic cigarettes have taken the world by storm and you can find a store selling them in almost every strip mall in the Las Vegas Valley. For those who have been trying to kick the smoking habit, e-cigarettes seem to be a great alternative to traditional cigarettes—but are they really safe?

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Is Vaping Bad For You?

Although e-cigarettes do not contain the dangerous chemicals that cigarette smoke does, they still have nicotine—the substance that contributes to the addictiveness of cigarettes. This means that people using e-cigarettes can be just as addicted as regular tobacco users and will experience withdrawals if they try to quit.

Since they are a relatively new technology, there is not a lot of research data available on the long-term affects that vaping can have on your oral health. It has been found, however, to cause mouth ulcers, sore throat and throat irritation in some users.

Applauded as a way to help longtime smokers quit, there is growing concern that e-cigarettes may actually become a gateway to smoking for teenagers and young adults because of their designer scents and kid-friendly flavors.

One aspect of vaping that has proven to be dangerous is the possibility of the e-cigarette exploding. There have been several documented cases of them exploding in users’ hands and at least one case of the device exploding in someone’s mouth and causing significant injury to the oral cavity

Even without smoke, nicotine is damaging to your gum tissue. Use of e-cigarettes may prevent staining on your teeth but they do not lower your risk of contracting gum disease. That’s why Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants advises against using cigarettes in any form, even electronic ones.

If you are already an e-cigarette user, it’s important to have regular periodontal checkups to monitor your gums so we can catch any gum disease before it does irreversible damage to your mouth.  The full effects of vaping on your oral health will not be known until the technology has been in use for many more years, so make sure you schedule your appointment to catch easily treatable problems before they cause destruction to your smile.