LANAP Successfully Treats Periodontal Disease!

Unlike other conditions in the body, periodontal disease will not clear up on its own. What starts as mild gingivitis will progress to full-blown periodontitis and that is bad news for not just your oral health but the health of the rest of your body also. In the past, the only option for patients with severe periodontitis was to have an invasive gum surgery that was not very comfortable for the patient and had an extended recovery time. Now with the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP), your gum disease can be effectively treated with little to no discomfort.


las vegas LANAP
LANAP for periodontal disease treatment

What makes LANAP better than traditional gum surgery is the use of a very thin laser rather than a scalpel to remove the diseased tissue from the pockets of the gums and to stimulate healing. This 1 to 2 hour procedure is accomplished as follows:


  • A special periodontal probe is used to evaluate the gum health and determine which areas will benefit from treatment
  • The periodontal laser will then effectively remove the diseased tissue and the surface of the tooth will be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized with an ultrasonic cleaner
  • LANAP concludes with the use of the laser again to create a fibrous blood clot that will allow the gums to reattach to the teeth and heal successfully
  • A soft foods diet should be followed for the first 48 hours after surgery and you should avoid brushing and flossing the treated are for 72 hours


Patients who choose LANAP over traditional surgery enjoy less bleeding, faster recovery times and minimal discomfort. Why would you want to treat your periodontal disease with anything else? Dr. DeAndrade at Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants has seen great success in his patients treated with LANAP and can do the same for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.