Offering Superior All on Four Dental Implants

replace teeth with all on 4
All On 4 is the best option when you need to replace all of your teeth.




Providing patients with same-day  All On Four dental implants requires a periodontist who has the skill, the experience, and the desire to do the work.  Dr. Ed DeAndrade has spent the past 18 years honing his skills.  Many periodontists have the educational background  to be able to handle All On Four implants. This however is not what it takes to excel in the field, and to be considered one of the foremost implant experts in the Las Vegas area. It takes experience, to know how best to ensure that all of our patients can walk out of the office on the same day they have their implants installed, smiling with their new set of beautiful teeth.

It also takes experience to know how to install the implants with minimum discomfort. This is the true beauty of the All On 4 implant, in the right pair of skilled hands, the entire procedure can be accomplished in one visit. Dr. DeAndrade is the go-to periodontist in Las Vegas for this life changing procedure.

One tenet which Dr. DeAndrade holds to, it’s that each of his patients not only receives the highest possible standard of care, but they are treated with respect. It does not matter how many All On 4 implants he has handled, each patient is treated with dignity and respect.  People lose their teeth for a variety of reasons, there is absolutely no judgement when you visit our office.  Our goal is for you to walk out with better looking, and better functioning teeth than you walked in with!

It is this high level of experience, skill, and dedication which makes it possible for Dr. DeAndrade to offer All On Four dental implants as well as full range of cosmetic dental procedures to his patients. As a top rated periodontist in the Las Vegas area, you can count on us to continuously strive to provide you and your family with the highest level of periodontal care.