Oral Cancer Screening In Las Vegas

oral cancer screening las vegas

What is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer or mouth cancer is a part of a group of cancers generally referred to as head and neck cancers. It consists of cancers of the lips, inner linings of the cheeks, tongue, sinuses, palates, floor and roof of the mouth, and even the throat.


Sign and Symptoms

The most common symptoms of this disease are:

  • sores with unexplained bleeding
  • lump or swelling and thickening in the mouth or lips
  • loose teeth
  • pain in the tongue
  • jaw stiffness
  • pain and difficulty in pain and swallowing
  • chronic sore throat

If not treated and diagnosed early, Oral cancer can be life threatening.



According to the American Cancer Society, men are more at risk than women in developing oral cancer. A lot of risk factors include smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, family history, and if an individual was previously diagnosed with oral cancer. As it can be detrimental if oral cancer is not spotted early, it is safe to schedule an oral cancer screening especially if exposed to such risks.


How is the screening?

Generally, a screening is just a thorough inspection of the mouth to look out for signs and symptoms of oral cancer. Sores and usually white and red patches are looked out for. Dr. DeAndeade may feel and touch around the oral cavity for signs of lumps and other skin abnormalities. Unless symptoms are found, it might not be necessary to make further checkups.

Providentially, Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants performs oral cancer screening to every visiting patient. Dr. DeAndrade performs the screening as an extra service to all the visiting patients no matter the purpose of visit.

You can schedule an initial consultation to Dr. Ed DeAndrade of Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants in their Las Vegas offices located at Summerlin and Hernderson. For more details, you can visit http://periodontics-dentalimplants.com.