Pinhole Procedure For Receding Gums

pinhole-no-cut treatment for gum recession

Before having your pinhole surgery to treat gum recession, you should be clear on what to expect following the treatment. The good news is that recovery time for this particular procedure is very minimal, typically just one day. To put that in perspective, the traditional gum recession treatment of gum grafting requires two to three weeks for recovery. Simply put, you should expect minimal discomfort and swelling for a few days following the pinhole surgery and a healthier smile and happier gums right away.

Minimal Discomfort

Following the pinhole surgery, you will notice very minimal discomfort. The recovery period for this procedure is much more comfortable than it is with gum grafting since there are no incisions or sutures with Dr. Chao’s innovative pinhole method. Since you will only have a few tiny pinholes in your gums, there is very little tissue damage or discomfort. Keep in mind that every patient experiences a different level of pain, but this procedure is much less invasive than traditional treatments.

What To Do During Recovery

You won’t have to put too much effort into letting your gums heal properly since the pinhole surgery is minimally invasive to begin with. If you notice discomfort or swelling, put some ice on the area or take an over-the-counter pain pill if necessary.

During recovery, you should not floss or even brush the area that was treated. Avoid touching it as well; instead, just leave this area of your mouth alone. Your periodontist can give you cleaning instructions for getting food debris out of the surgical site, typically just swishing with water. You will be able to brush the inner portion of the treated teeth in most cases as well as the rest of your mouth.

Schedule Follow Ups

It is crucial that you schedule and keep follow up appointments after your pinhole surgery. You should expect the first appointment to be a day or two after the procedure so Dr. DeAndrade can ensure there isn’t infection. There will likely be another appointment about a week after the procedure to ensure it is healing correctly. You may also have additional visits at around three and six weeks, possibly including a gentle cleaning. Your periodontist will give you more specific aftercare instructions following the procedure and tell you when to schedule your follow-up appointments.


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