Gum Grafting With The Pinhole Technique

This before and after shows gum grafting done as a way to cover tooth roots which were exposed due to recessive gums. pinhole technique
Traditional Gum Grafting versus The pinhole technique as a way to effectively treat recessive gums or toothy smile.

Receding Gums

The receding gum line is a condition that sometimes goes unnoticed by many in the dental profession. It is when your gums have fallen below the root line of your teeth. Sometimes it can happen in one area from over brushing or sometimes it can occur in many areas from periodontal disease. There are many causes that can allow it to occur but it is something that can typically treated through gum grafting. Recently a new technique made famous by one Dr. Chao called the Pinhole technique has helped to bring even more light to the subject. We feel that this media attention is great because it has brought public attention to a problem that had not been recognized very widely even in the dental community. Let us further explain.

True Story From A Patient

Recently I had a patient from the Midwest who moved here within the last couple of years and had a molar fail, then unfortunately experienced a failed root canal from an endodontist and was forced to need to have his tooth extracted and a dental implant placed. This was unfortunate because the patient was too young to be losing his original teeth. The reality of his situation was that he lived with receded gums around that molar for many years. We suspect he lost his gums from excessive hard brushing with a harder bristle as he claimed to have used for all of his youngest years. He explained that his dentist had known about the recessed gums for many years but only explained it was something to live with and not to worry about it until failure, or when the tooth began to hurt. Unfortunately this mind set is what ended up causing this young patient to lose his tooth. His entire situation could have been avoided through one simple procedure known as gum grafting. Remember to always get a second opinion if you suspect something is wrong and your dentist is telling you to just wait for it to fail and then we will fix it. We live in a day where there are many preventative treatments that can stop the issues and many times reverse it.

What is Gum Grafting

Gum grafting is adding gum tissue to recessed or lost gums and an alternative to the pinhole technique as mentioned earlier. Our success rate with gum grafting is near 100% and only after severe neglect have we had any issues. Many of our patients have come to us for gum grafting as a way to cure their cosmetic issues. A term called toothy smile, where too much of the white of the tooth appears in their smile and creates confidence issues, can be alleviated with gum grafting. We have used this procedure to restore cosmetic natural smiles to thousands of patients, also restoring their confidence in their smile.

General Dentists

If you are a general dentist in Las Vegas and recognize receding gums, please know we can work with you to restore those gums and help our patients keep their original teeth healthy. Some great points about gum grafting and what it can do for patients:

  • Replace Lost Gum Tissue
  • Save Permanent Teeth
  • Frame The Tooth Before Restoration
  • Solve Hypersensitive Issues
  • Improve Appearance Of Long Teeth
  • Protect Exposed Root Surfaces From Tooth Decay