Planning Dental Implants, you should know this!

Dr De Andrade had three years extensive training focused towards dental implants, he has placed thousands of successful implants. He is the go to when other dental experts feel an implant is too hard to place. We know Implants, trust us for an experience second to no other.

Dental implants in las vegas are best when with Dr De Andrade of Anthem Periodontics
It is important that you trust the right person for placing your dental implant. Trusting someone who has placed thousands of implants and three years additional education might be the wise choice!

Your Dental Implant Checklist

Let us run through a quick consumer checklist you should be thinking about before your dental implant:

  • Who is doing it for you? Trusted? Done it before? What type of education have they had?
  • Have you had an implant before? Make sure to learn special care for an implant!
  • Those beautiful pink gums that surround your current teeth, will they remain the same? Will they be adapted to your new implant. Once your gum line is gone, it can be very hard to fix again.
  • What type of material is your crown going to be made of? Important!! Color, longevity and function play into this answer.
  • What implant system are they using? This is so important! you want to make sure that these implant companies have been around for many years, that they stand behind their product. that they will be around many years from now in case there are any issues or concerns in the future. Ask where it is manufactured and watch them take it out of the package! We can not even begin to tell you some of the horror stories we have heard about this!
  • What is their success rate? Hopefully you get an accurate answer but check them out online to see if anyone complains about failures. If they complain about insurance, pay no attention, we promise you, this is out of the practices hand!!!
  • 3 D Digital Imaging. Do they use digital imaging? Not sure if you know this or not but you have a major nerve running through your jaw line just under your lower teeth, 3 D digital imaging sees this and gives the doctor exact possible depths before hitting that. Once that nerve has been pierced irrevocable damage has been done. While that sounds scary it is rare, but digital imaging also helps pre-plan placement of your implant and is an invaluable tool in placing a perfect dental implant!
  • Last but not least, after all is said and done, make sure you are comfortable and your bite is the same as it always was. Too many times we get patients that have had an implant done incorrectly and it has completely distorted their bite, smile or form of their teeth. This is bad and please get immediate attention either from the provider who placed it or from another expert if they will not(or can not) fix it!!
  • That is our quick checklist for more questions contact us and see if we can help ease any other concerns you have about your dental implant, reference this article and we will even give you a complementary second opinion before having your implant placed!