The Pinhole Technique For Receding Gums


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Pinhole Technique for Receding Gums.

The Pinhole Technique (also known as Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation or Pinhole Surgical Technique; PST) is a specialist dental procedure that may only be performed by a dental professional who has successfully completed the necessary training to carry it out. The technique is used to correct receded gum line and is a  fast, and through  fix for gum line problems.


As a Las Vegas periodontist, I am very pleased that I can now offer this new treatment to enhance the smiles of our patients, especially since it has so many benefits for them! For example:

  • The Pinhole Technique enables me to correct 10-14 teeth simultaneously, taking about 20 minutes per 3 teeth.

Traditional gum grafting only allowed for correcting 1-2 teeth at a time, requiring 2 incisions, and taking around 2 hours to obtain the same results.

  • Patient recovery time with the Pinhole Technique is less than a day, while recovery from traditional surgery can take up to 3 weeks.
  • PST does not involve scalpels, incisions or stitches, which makes for both faster treatment and results.

Traditional receding gum treatment involves using scalpels for surgery and meticulous, fine stitching.


So – how is it done?

First I will clean and prepare the teeth for the procedure. Then I will numb the area(s) that have been identified for treatment with a local anesthetic.

When the area is numb, I will make a small hole in the gum just above the tooth or teeth that need a gum line fix.

Next, I will insert the specialized  Pinhole Technique instrument into the entry hole and move it around to loosen the gum tissue that we want to pull down to get you that beautifully aligned gum line.  And chew on this: several teeth can be worked on through one small entry hole! With the same tool, I will then gently guide the gums down to where they should be.

The final step is for me to push some collagen strips through the little hole(s) I initially made, so that they can settle under the gums and keep them in place. The collagen will also make the gum produce its own collagen! The small entry points heal quickly and are virtually gone within a day.


The cost? It is similar to traditional methods, ranging from 500 dollars to 1,800 dollars depending on your individual needs