How Tongue Piercing Can Lead To Oral Health Problems

las vegas tongue piercing damage

People nowadays express individuality in many different ways. One is tongue piercing. The number of people who have oral piercings has become even more common these past few years. In fact, survey says 4% of male and 16% of the female population at New York University has pierced tongue. Nothing is wrong with tongue piercing, but there may be some things that can go wrong with it, especially when it comes to having oral health problems. Here’s how tongue piercing can lead to oral health problems:

Abnormal Tooth Movement

The pressure of the piercing against the back of the teeth can result to the abnormal tooth movement, which will then result to unattractive gaps between teeth that weren’t formally there. This space or gap between teeth is called Diastema. While it can sometimes develop without the influence of piecing, the chance of developing it is considerably higher with tongue piercing, especially those with jewelry.

Bacterial Infection

Moist – that’s the kind of environment bacteria loves to reside and breed. The tongue is naturally prone to bacterial infection, but the risk of the infection is much higher with piercing. The swelling of the tongue after the piercing can trigger the blocking and closure of the airway, resulting in infection of bacteria.

Cracking and Chipping

Occasionally bumping the tongue piercing against the teeth while talking or eating may just seem to be a normal thing, but it can eventually result in getting the tooth chipped into fragments which expose the underneath sensitive layers of the tooth like the dentin or the pulp. Playfully biting the piercing can also crack the tooth through the enamel. The cracked and chipped tooth can also cause serious pain, as the damage extends through the nerves in the tooth.

Tongue piercing damage may seem to not need any kind of serious attention, but they must be taken care with proper notice with a professional, reliable professional. Dr. DeAndrade of Anthem Periodontics from Las Vegas, Nevada is a specialist in dental implants and periodontics. Solve your oral health problems with the right professional now.