Tooth Replacement Options In Las Vegas

Replacing missing teeth is necessary to eat a wide variety of foods, without pain or discomfort.  Balanced nutrition helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Also, and no less important, replacements for missing teeth improve your appearance, not only by giving the confidence to smile, but by supporting the lips and cheeks and preventing loss of bone density in the jawbone.

las vegas denture replacement

From the options available for replacing missing teeth, a bridge, dentures, or dental implants, only dental implants correct all of these symptoms.  A bridge or removable dentures will fill the gaps left from tooth loss, and allow you to eat more kinds of food, more comfortably.  But there will still be many foods that you will still, not be able to eat.  You are also at risk for bone loss.  Permanent dental implants will further reduce the dietary restrictions, prevent bone loss, and act just like natural teeth.

Only dental implants are anchored into the jawbone, allowing them to look, feel, and function like natural teeth.  Bridges and dentures regardless of quality of design, or manufacture will never fit like real teeth.  But, dental implants do fit and feel like real teeth. And, dental implants provide the same benefits derived from natural teeth, like the support to the rest of the face, the maintenance of the jawbone density, and appearance of the face, overall.

Bridges can be damaged.  Dentures can slip, when talking or eating.  They also require adhesives which can be messy.  Over a lifetime dentures and bridges will need to be replaced, incurring unplanned and often inconvenient, additional expense. The care and cleaning of dentures require more time and products than that required for real teeth.  But dental implants do not slip, break or need replacing like the other options.  They look like real, natural teeth.  And they feel like actual teeth.  They are permanently attached, requiring no adhesives or any additional care than that for real teeth.  Bridges and dentures are stop gap measures that correct some of the issues associated with missing teeth, but only permanent dental implants can correct all of them.

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