Why Can’t Children Get Dental Implants?

dental implants for kids?

Missing teeth on a child is not that big of a deal unless it’s a permanent tooth that is missing!  Your child could be missing a tooth (or teeth) for a variety of reasons.  It could have been knocked out in an accident, or it could just be congenitally missing.  Now that your child is in middle or high school, they may want to get rid of that gap and have a smile full of teeth!

It would seem that this is a great situation for a permanent dental implant but that is not actually the case. The jaw is continuing to develop through the late teens and early twenties as the teeth come in and end up in their permanent positions. Because a dental implant does not move like a natural tooth attached with flexible ligaments, this could create problems in your child’s smile that could lead to future tooth extractions or orthodontic care later on.

For children that have lost a tooth to trauma or disease, there is still hope. Your general dentist can provide you with temporary solutions until your child’s mouth has finished developing. These include:

  • Teeth on a flipper (similar to a retainer)
  • Bridges
  • Crowns

The best way to know if your child’s mouth is ready for a dental implant is to bring them in for an oral health evaluation. During this visit we can fully examine their mouth and take x-rays to track the movement of their teeth and know if they are ready for dental implants yet.

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